Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Planner/Success Tracker

I had a hard time deciding what sort of system I wanted.  I decided that updating a single blog post would be too hard to follow.  Separate posts might be a better option, but I strongly suspect that I wouldn't make a post for just one small thing and would therefore miss recording many successes.  I worked in a composition book for a few days last week, but was not in love with the paper.  Ballpoint pens were necessary to avoid bleedthrough, and I am not a fan of ballpoint pens.  Sooooo, I got a journal with a travel themed cover at Target.  It will handle liquid pens, but unfortunately not Sharpies.

Three days in, I'm enjoying it.  A few notes of explanation for the curious --
  • yes, there is an actual schedule under the sticky note.  i just covered it before scanning for privacy's sake.
  • if you're familiar with The Awe-Manac by Jill Badonsky, you'll see familiar elements -- naming the day, the "today i get to" list, and journal juju
  • i'm keeping track of my "try something new" assignment with the adventures list.
  • i did pick up the funky shui chair yesterday, which could go on my success list and my adventure list actually.  i'm really bad at allowing myself to have things i want.
  • funky shui is a term from a fantastic book (whose author i'll have to edit in later).  it's about decorating around the things you love rather than hiding them away or not bringing them home in the first place.  for example, if you see a suit of armor at a flea market and want it but think "where would i put it???" take it home and decorate around it.  if you love a suit of armor, you probably love other medieval themed things too, so just go with it.  or, if you collect pez dispensers, don't hide them away.  come up with a great way to display them. 
Next project -- making sure my dreams make it onto my "today i get to" lists on a regular basis.


  1. Oh, I LOVE this journal! Such great stuff! And I am jealous of your handwriting! Lovely :-)

  2. I love your format and how you incorporated the Awe-Manac elements!! I was just introduced to that book last week! :)

    And yay for your new funky shui chair!!!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Mama Bear and Jenn! I hope you are both loving this project as I am. Every week I'm a little nervous to post, but the support has been SO worth pushing past the feelings of not being creative or talented enough to be here.

  4. I really like the way you've set up your success tracker. It's very organized but still leaves a lot of room for improvising and adding different elements. :o)

  5. I think you are doing a great job and have a great list. It is fun watching you have successes! GO YOU!!!!

  6. I'm a paper freak too - go to and type in "journals" the paper (you can get it lined or plain) is very thick and you can use ANY type pen without bleed through.

    A chair? You got a chair? ReaALLLYY?? Are we going to get to see pictures? :D

  7. Darla, thanks for the journal hint! And how did I KNOW you would want pics of the chair??? LOL. I'll try to get some taken soon, and maybe some of the pushpins I made -- because of course normal little plastic ones just won't do. :) I've mentioned that I'm Aquarius and INFP, right?