Monday, March 22, 2010

Pics, pics, pics!

Here are a few of the probably 1000+ pictures from our trips to Eureka Springs.  Some are from our first trip 3 years ago, and others are from the trip a couple of weeks ago.

Gargoyles!  These are the two that uploaded well.  Not sure what happened with the others -- they look fine in my photogallery, but uploaded here they are all pixelly.  :(

This is the crescent outside the Crescent Hotel, the haunted hotel we stayed at for our anniversary trip.  I used a photo editor to blur out the background a bit to emphasize the crescent.

This handsome guy stands guard outside one of the shops downtown.

These are two of my favorites of the window pics we took.  The first is one of the hotel windows.  The other is one of the windows in the church that is on the grounds.

And this is Jasper, one of the hotel kitties.  He and his brother Casper are very sweet and have the run of the place.  They came in through the kitty door that was installed for a previous (dearly departed) hotel kitty and decided to stay.


  1. Awesome pics Pink! I really like how you blurred out the background in the Crescent photo!