Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Intention 8.9.10

Oh, wow!  Will you look at the date -- all 8, 9, 10 right there in a row!  Coolness!

Anywho!  Today is Monday, and Monday is the day we do Weekly Intention at ABCcreativity!

Last week's intention of creating space for new dreams is going well albeit slowly.  Sorting through layers upon layers of "stuff" and deciding what to keep and what to release.  I have a reusable grocery bag full of books for the used bookstore.  Again.  And another little pile for Goodwill. 

One big sticking point so far has been guilt.  I have quite a few of those community cookbooks -- you know the ones -- everyone at church or in a club or whatever contributes recipes and they have it published and sell them as a fundraiser.  I don't use them.  I don't love them.  The only one I actually want to keep I want to keep not because of the recipes but because it was my grandmother's.  But they were gifts from my mom.  What I would like to do is send them off to work with LOML as a gift for his co-worker who collects cookbooks.  So far, mother's voice is in my head, guilting me into keeping them.

So, my intention for this week is Releasing.  Releasing more stuff, releasing inappropriate emotions, releasing.


  1. i love the way last week's intention flowed into this week's intention and i'm seeing you releasing releasing releasing. feels so liberating!

  2. What a powerful intention.
    I tend to hit that guilt point too...but then I remember the joy of the open space!
    --Jo Anna